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Ed's SP148

Ed Kinney 30/03/2017

Over recent months I have been following very impressive articles about EPOCA bikes as well as seeing increased examples of their framesets. With my many decades of cycling experience I have always wondered what a custom frameset would be like...custom as in fitting, tubeset, finish, etc.

When I started discussing a frameset with the EPOCA Sales Manager I quickly realized that I had found a passionate experienced group of artisans. Based on my experience and requirements, I decided to purchase a Columbus Spirit steel SP148 with remote fitting by their expert Guiseppe and a color finish that is simply exceptional. The SP148 arrived professionally packaged and once assembled all my requirements with the EPOCA team clearly resulted in a frameset that surpasses any other I previously have enjoyed.

The ride is exceptional and the custom position is perfectly dialed in; the bike takes all inputs and creates balanced and quick forward motion. I am now a very proud owner of a custom built and finished bike that is the result of clear communication and professionalism by everyone at EPOCA. THANK YOU!

Ed Kinney USA

PS: latest refinement of the  bike.  it is amazing how this bike feels so centered/fast/dialed in... thx again.


Ed's SP148

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Ed Kinney   30/03/2017
Ed's SP148